Actually How Longest Age Harddrive That ??

How Longest Harddisk’s Age ??

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For more than 30 years, the computer field always juxtaposed with a hard drive, hard disk, or hard drive. Harddisk has played a major role in the world of computing and has been raising the PC world. Recently there is a new storage breakthrough called cloud storage which is also actually still using hard drive technology. Despite the growing growth of hard disk technology that now also appears SSD, storage uses flash memory in the absence of disk, making the process of reading / write faster. But we forget the actual how old is the hard drive?

WinPoint will not answer with the exact number how long the average hard disk can survive ?? One year, Two, Three or Five? Since the standard guarantee is now only 12 months old, is the hard drive now broken faster? If today we use the hard drive, how long will it last on the computer ??

Oddly enough, even though today’s hard drives have been used in almost every modern computing technology (up to smartphones), nobody has researched how old the hard drive is or at least no one has published it.

Actually How Longest Age Harddrive That ??

According to a laboratory study by technology experts,, Harddisk has three phases of failure each year. The first stage with a time of 1.5 years, the hard drive has a failure rate of 5.1%. After 1.5 years, hard disk failure rate starts to decline to 1.4%. After three years it will explode to a failure rate of 11.8% per year. In short, this means about 92% of hard drives survived during the first 18 months and almost everyone (90%) qualified for the next three years.

So if you’ve been using the hard drive for three years, you’ll want to start doing data backups. Because the hard drive with age after 3 years has entered the critical age. Indeed there is no certainty that the hard drive will be damaged, but the possibility of harddisk failure greater than the previous year. After undergoing further tests, in the fourth year, there is less than 80% hard drive still survive. Experts have no further research for the next year. But according to computer technology expert, Brian Beach, estimates that hard drive failure rate of 12% every year. Which means 50% hard drive will survive after 6 years.

But we need to know, the hard drive that works in the laboratory is a server hard disk that works for 24 hours during a whole week and never even died until now. The use is not comparable with a hard drive for home or office people who only work for 8 to 12 hours. In addition to the hard drive with data center as in the study only operates to access the data. While the office person or home people use it for reading / write data. (Read: on site data recovery services)