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How Longest Harddisk’s Age ??

Still using 32-bit Windows? Say Goodbye To NVIDIA GeForce

For more than 30 years, the computer field always juxtaposed with a hard drive, hard disk, or hard drive. Harddisk has played a major role in the world of computing and has been raising the PC world. Recently there is a new storage breakthrough called cloud storage which is also actually still using hard drive technology. Despite the growing growth of hard disk technology that now also appears SSD, storage uses flash memory in the absence of disk, making the process of reading / write faster. But we forget the actual how old is the hard drive?

WinPoint will not answer with the exact number how long the average hard disk can survive ?? One year, Two, Three or Five? Since the standard guarantee is now only 12 months old, is the hard drive now broken … Read More

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