Vlogging Like a Pro: Tips on Stylizing Your Edits

Vlogging is a big part of culture today. If you are in college, chances are you watch someone’s vlog on a regular basis. We have popular names like Casey Neistat, Sam Kolder, and Dan Mace with their unique styles and great storytelling keeping us on the edge of our seats.Of course, vlogging is also something you can use to tell your stories. You may already have your own vlog and a growing YouTube channel. To connect better with the audience and to tell your stories in a compelling way, copying other people’s styles isn’t enough.

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At some point, you have to start developing your own style. The easiest way to do this is by stylizing your edits and creating a unique way to tell stories from your point of view. The tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started in no time.

Know Your Tools

The more you know your editing software, the better you will be at finding new, creative ways to tell stories. Different editing suites offer different tools for you to utilize. DaVinci Resolve now has a more intuitive Fusion for motion graphics. Adobe includes After Effects in its CC suite.

If you are a Final Cut Pro X user, you have a wealth of plugins, add-ons, and tools at your disposal. Instead of jumping to Adobe After Effects to do some tracking – which isn’t the easiest thing to do – you can now attach text to moving objects with the help of the Final Cut Pro X plugins from CoreMelt.

Add-ons are there to help you achieve great things without the hassle of doing everything manually. With add-ons and plugins at your fingertips, you can focus more on crafting a compelling story and less on the technical side of things.

Copy First, Modify Later

Copying is actually a great way to learn how to tell your stories effectively and creatively. A lot of vloggers copy the style of Casey Neistat because of his fast-paced nature and unique pop look. Dan Mace, a close friend of Casey, also has a style that many are starting to copy.

As mentioned before, copying is a great way to learn, but you should never stop at copying others styles. Once you know how to edit like Casey, you should start modifying the style to better suit you personally. It won’t be long before you have your own style that viewers recognize.

Don’t Forget the Story

One last thing you should never forget when stylizing your edit is don’t forget the story. Many vloggers bury their stories in a lot of B-rolls and beauty shots. There is nothing wrong with having beautiful shots in your vlog. Just don’t let B-rolls stop you from telling a compelling story.

At the end of the day, a good story is what makes viewers stay for more. Even when you stick with a very simple, straightforward style, a strong story will still attract a lot of viewers and loyal subscribers. Keep working on developing your own style and others may start copying you too.